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Literally when translated into the Arabic language the word "Jumana" translates into "silver pearl." Like the content of it's definition, girls like Jumana are rare and come up once in life. They tend to be smart loving intelligent and emanate an inner beauty and sadness that some may never understand or appreciate. In spite of it all, Jumanas put on brave faces and live by the day. Girls named Jumana usually feel a deep connection to the ocean, some believe it is because that's where the name originates from. When a girl named Jumana is by the sea, she is the happiest person in the world and feels at home. Jumana's have a tendency to run away from love as they feel they are not worthy of love or happiness, one day however, they will be recognised by someone who will change their life forever and make her realise that she truly is a special person
I found a Jumana in the sea
by robst123 December 04, 2010

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