1 definition by rj45

1. Anally orientated sexual innuendo; the inclination to use sibilance in conjunction with "ass" words (ie assimilate, assassinator, analgesia etc)

2. intracolic activity.
1. classic case of ennuendo: "The win was largely due to the immaculate analytical skill of Blackman, nicknamed the ‘assassinator’ due to his high assist to assiduous ratio, with his assertive associate Vincenzo, who assuredly assumed an assimilative yet asseverate assemblage that laid an assail on the opposition, which was an assessed assignment that provided analgesia to the Gentlemen’s cause."

2. more common case of ennuendo: Money was on the ground, in front of the jew. The jew was bent over, in front of the greek.
by rj45 August 17, 2007
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