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n. plural inkchildren

another stereotype (punk goth prep emo nerd etc. etc.)

an inkchild is a kid who's a cross between a nerd, hippie, and another stereotype (unless they don't have one usually applied to them.)

inkchildren are usually the politically active ones that people either like or hate. they're opinionated and tend to dress distinctly, read a lot, listen to a variety of music, hang with other inkchildren, and get distinct grades (either very bad grades because they don't conform or very good grades because they're very intelligent.)
non inkchildren look at them like they're very weird, but other inkchildren understand them perfectly. a lot of inkchildren like not well known movies (example: "the lives of others" or "pan's labyrinth") and most inkchildren don't listen to rap or like rapper type stuff.
i consider myself an inkchild. i am straight edge, libertarian, dress goth/punk, listen to what i like, do badly in math and pretty well in writing, and i read a lot. but i'm not quite a nerd, not quite a goth (if i were to take a normal stereotype that would be it, though), and i hang out with other inkchildren.
by rixaveins October 11, 2007

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