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When a handjob is so constricting that the white's of the person performing the jobs knuckles are visible.
Yo meng, I went out to dinner with this body building chick, and when we got in the car she gave me the most hateful white-knuckler.
by ritmer November 14, 2010
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When you are riding with a girl in a car and her closest hand to you is her dominant hand making it a really powerful hand job.
Yo, meng I was driving this girl home one night, and since she's rockin' a south paw she gave me that strong jerk.
by ritmer December 17, 2009
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Can literally refer to anything that you want it to.
Ex. 1 I chunderdomed this girls face pretty good the other day.

Ex. 2 My grandma and I went to this restaurant and we chunderdomed for like an hour.

Ex. 3
Person 1: How'd you do on that test man?

Person 2: I chunderdomed it.

Person 1: Oh man, that sucks. Are you going out tonight

Person 2: Yeah, I'm probably gonna chunder pretty hard.
by ritmer November 14, 2010
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