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a hella annoying word used to label something as relatable. most commonly used by depressed middle schoolers. the term can be used for practically anything and that is why it’s a shitty joke.
girl 1: 112 people day a day from nicotine

girl 2: big mood

guy 1: i painted this picture to represent how society is obsessed with popularity
guy 2: wow mood

person 1: i saw a duck this morning

person 2: mood
by riley0 March 29, 2019

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commonly used to describe people who are stupid (academically). it is never okay to call someone with special needs boom boom.
girl: sue go put in pre algebra
boy: wow what a boom boom even i’m in algebra 1
by riley0 March 29, 2019

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an incredibly annoying yet popular term used mainly by teenage girls. “sis” or “sister” originated from the popular yet toxic youtuber james charles. the word usually replaces someone’s name in a phrase, and it not meant to be offensive for the most part. can be used rudely though, as seen in example 2. word for the wise, try to keep the number of times you use this word a day to 0.
ex 1: “omg! spill the tea sis!!”
ex 2: “don’t even go there sis, you look like a rat.”
by riley0 March 29, 2019

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