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"Mall capital of the world." One of the richest towns in New Jersey. Home of the strictest Blue law ever. You can't buy anything besides clothes and food on Sundays. 3 Malls in Paramus: Paramus Park, Garden State Plaza, & the Bergen Mall. Paramus sucks ass because we're broke. All of the teachers blew their money on SmartBoards and new computers, and the mayor does basically nothing. Paramus is home to the Spartans. They're actually a pretty good team. High Schoolers are slightly insane. The schools are all graphitti'd and pretty sucky. Both middle schools are crap. The kids in Paramus aren't too bad. Too much drama. It's really annoying. Fist fights and middle school sluts. Not much drug use. Cocaine incidents are so rare they make the news. And the main drug is smoking. Teens all have sex casually. Paramus kids overuse Facebook, are perverted, and are mainly white. There are tons of Asian kids, however they're never involved in any drama because they're studying. The main population is Catholic, but the number of Jews isn't low. Lots of Indians too. Barely any black kids or Spanish kids. Tons of chain stores. Panera, Hollister, Abercrombie, PetCo, McDonalds, Payless, Wendy's, etc. Usually doubles up on stores--if there is a McDonalds, there's another on the other side of town.Paramus isn't all it's hyped up to be. It's pretty nice if you aren't an annoying crackhead middle school whore. Also nice if you aren't looking for weed. Cause there are basically NO drugs in Paramus.
Typical Paramus middle school girl: a white Catholic who wears Hollister short shorts, talks on Facebook about how "OMFG MY LIIFEEE FUCCKIINGGG SUCKSSS. FML." Hates her school (who doesn't?), and shops everyday.
by rickastleyfan29784 April 12, 2010

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