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the most popular girl, who hangs out with the grade above her, and makes out with everyone. The one who grinds every boy at the dance, until each one wants to undress. Hey, if there weren't teachers everywhere, they would!
'dude, why are you sitting down, its a dance?"
"that middle school whore just grinded me for like two hours"
by iainttellingyouwhoiam February 11, 2010
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A person that thinks that they are the hot shit. When you recently get out of middle school, you wonder how you ever had a boner for her. If you're a girl, I don't know, maybe you wonder why you were ever jealous of her. She wears low cut shirts that show as much cleavage without getting detention (or in some cases, they don't give a motherfuck so they wear as low as they can go) and one of two pairs of pants- tight yoga pants that make her ass look big and short shorts in which you can see her ass cheeks. She tries to get as many boys as possible. She'll make out, give a handy, just kiss, let them touch her ass, WHATEVER THEY WANT basically just so she can get attention. She will probably get rejected by 'friends' in freshman year as they realize that this shit is motherfucking bullshit and find something/someone else to whore around.
Man, she has super short shorts, she must be a fucking middle school whore.
by itsjustaprankbruh July 17, 2016
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