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Part of a small island NEAR Europe, not part of it. While England is part of the European Union, it is not part of Europe and we do not use the Euro.
Most Americans believe that the English use nothing but the Queen's English, but the truth is that the majority of the British residency use poor spelling, grammar and diction.
England itself is made up of Council estates and chavs. We aren't obsessed with tea and crumpets, and the majority of Brits are not raging homosexuals, like some people believe.
England is also home to The BBC which is the best Television Broadcasting service in the world.
We also have the NHS and an obsession for watching men chasing balls, on a muddy pitch. This is known as Football (Not Soccer!).
While England is often considered superior, it is not. It is just better than a lot of other places :P
"iv dun nuffink rong coppa" - Example of modern English Dialect, spoken in England. This is often heard being said by youngsters on a street corner, in late hours of the evening.
by rgfdgfd March 30, 2008

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