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some problem that stops you from having sex with a girl, whether its an emotonal problem she has, or he parents are always around, or she has a job and is always buissy or her boyfreind. or your problem
yo her strict rules in her religon about having sex are becoming a real box barrier
by Rentabot September 13, 2010
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Smoothe Da Hustler Ft Trigger Tha Gambler - Broken Language

smoothe's lyrics in the second verse

next line- sneak over fuck your babysitter
line before-the lady shitter
the shot popper, the jock cock glocker
The face splitter, human disgrace getter
the lady shitter, phone joneser
sneak over fuck your babysitter
The chronic smokin, gun totin hearse initiator
the crack supplier, the human drug generator
The honey gamer
by rentabot December 24, 2009
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