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Homoeroticism is the noun referring to the highly charged sexual tension brought about when two members of the same sex (usually men of whom one or both are generally believed to be heterosexual) behave in a way that displays closeness, sexual chemistry, flirtation and other actions that if were occuring between a man and a woman, it would be obvious that the two fancied each other and were probably shagging.

Some women (and gay men) find homoeroticism so exciting and hot that they read and write slash or bandfic which are stories that explore the possible relationships men who act in a homoerotic way in real life could have/be having.
When two hot male singers in a rock band are on stage and share a mic, rip off their shirts and hug, play-wrestle and sing lyrics about the intensity of their relationship. (See mic-sharing)

Person 1: 'wow the Libertines are fucking amazing, are the frontmen Pete Doherty and Carl Barat shagging?'

Person 2: 'well they both have girlfriends but all this homoeroticism must be making them both hard as hell, I bet they're all over each other as soon as this show finishes... it's certainly giving me a huge erection'

Person 1: 'it must be the sexually charged atmosphere in here, I've already come twice during this gig'
by redrose88 December 28, 2011

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