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A person with a narcissistic behavior mentality who has NOTHING to offer you but humiliation, laughter behind your back, discussions you've had with them privately are discussed with others, accuses you of doing things when you're not doing, and this narcissistic person is 100% insecure in themself.

Do not confront them about their behavior; YOU and they KNOW what's really going on---we all grown.

Once your INSTINCTS (i.e. your BOUNDARIES are CROSSED--no matter HOW small the boundary is) tells you to RUN---RUN and DON'T look back. Once you allow them to GET away with THIS...now they'll try for THAT and before you know it---your SELF-ESTEEM is being run over! Don't let it HAPPEN!

You are BETTER than to have to THURST for attention. Flip them off PROUDLY!!
a. Someone who sees you are happy with yourself/in yourself (whether you're SINGLE or MARRIED) and then tries to convince you that there's more to life than the person you're with (SINGLE or MARRIED).

b. Once they lower you to their level of manipulation---they IGNORE you (i.e. all CONTACT stops).

c. Run...what run when you hear the phrase "live for once" and don't look back.

d. Remember this---You are fine! When you hear the phrase "LIVE FOR ONCE!" You tell them "....and just keep enjoying the view of it"

---because they will NEVER have you and by the way; tell them to go find a small ROCK and CRAWL under it!

e. Gird your loins because you should not FALL for their stronghold (selfish tactics to have their way with you).

f. Don't do it.
by Redeemed October 16, 2013
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Christian Rock - Disgusting. I just watched a music video of Pillar. We cannot take the profane and make it Christian just by adding some words that no one can hear anyway. Would they play that way if Jesus was the only one in the audience? I think not! When was the last time you verbally shared the gospel of Jesus Christ with anyone!
I hate Christian Rock
by redeemed March 06, 2007
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