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It means Presidential Niggas Or Die. This usually refers to a group of cool guys with alot of swagger and usually have alot of girlfriends who they sometimes refer to as bitches. It is usually written as PNOD! and maybe seen on many sufeaces like walls, desks e.t.c.
Girl: Who are those handsome guys?

Guy: Oh, thats PNOD!

Girl: Hmmm ;)
by realniqqaa December 20, 2011

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A group of cool guys who have alot of swagger and wear brand name clothing like levi's, fox and especially Ralph Lauren. PNOD usually seen written as PNOD ! mean Presidential Niggas Or Die.
Girl 1: I want a really cool sexy guy to be my bf

Girl 2: You mean like a member of PNOD! ?

Girl 1: Hell yeah ;) :$
by realniqqaa January 03, 2012

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