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Home of the green fanatics that think economics does not matter. California is now bankrupt with most of it's business population finding homes in Nevada or the north eastern states.
Lets hire Arnold to run our state because he was a movie star, then lets take care of the environment, fuck the people's jobs, charge taxes like crazy and spend more than we have. Oops, we just bankrupt California!
by realism August 10, 2009
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For all you fellows who are trying to give a definition of a dream girl can't; because what you may call a dream girl is not the same for other men. You make her a dream girl because you are actually in love with that person. There is no such thing as a "princess" or "prince" for that matter. On a plus side A for effort on trying to give you'r own style of definition on dream girl, also not trying to be rude to anybody for the definition just putting in my two sense.
A good example would be you two who just posted two different types of you'r dream girl, you can not have one specific dream girl that fits every man. So there for it wouldn't be classified as a definition, not by logic standards anyways.
by realism October 05, 2012
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