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The definition for 'diahhrea', is a slutty, skank.

A.K.A Miley Cyrus.
Comes out of your butt, after listening to alot of "Hannah Montana". It is just like REVENGE. Can be explosive. Watch out, it comes alive when it touches water. MAKE SURE TO FLUSH IT!!
Scientists are still trying to find out where it came from. They think the breeders are a elephant, and a sloth. They arent sure why people still listen to the poops music when they know that after they do, the diahhrea will seek revenge. It is pretty much suicide.
"Mom, I am going to listen to my Hannah Montana CD".
-10 hours later-
Found dead in the bathroom with exploded diahhrea/miley cyrus all over her.
by randomcoolpeople101 April 09, 2010

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