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1) A Hooker
2) A person whose behavior and/or attitude do not conform to societal norms and can only be described as being Maverickish.
3) A person who actions and behavior are strange to those around them and subject to Sociology experiments. All of which cannot determine the reasons for the said Maverick's strange and bizarre behavior.
4) Someone who gets numerous tattoos to express their love of some encryption protocols and mythical creatures.
5) A Maverick.
Do you see that guy over there?

Do you mean the Maverick?

Yeah, what is going on with that guy? What the fuck is he doing? I cannot understand his actions.

Dude he's a maverick, a rebel who was born to fight against the norm in a manner that can only be described as mildly cool and slightly interesting when compared with those around him.
by random_maverick_definer June 08, 2010

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