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A new political party. It is the Rave party. It is more fun than the Conservative party, and more socially acceptable than the Neonazi party. It can just kind of replace the Liberal party, because it's pretty much the same thing except with socialized ecstacy instead of socialized medicine.

The Ravist Party's color is neon. Our nominee for the next presidential election is Kurt Cobaine. (It doesn't matter that he's dead, it just means that the Ravist Congress will have more power than the president. Now sit back and imagine a session of Ravist Congress.)

Electronic music would instantly become patriotic and every day would be like Fourth of July except with LSD and sex instead of barbecues.

We can amend the constitution to make the Supreme Court into an underground dance party with a glow-in-the-dark pen.

We will make this an official choice for your Facebook political status and when we turn 18 we want to be able to register as a Ravist.
I am switching my political status from Liberal to Ravist.
by Random Chick Got Bored June 11, 2006

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an interjection used to rid yourself of unwanted attention; if someone follows you around and hits on you and will not leave you alone, work the words 'peanut butter' into the conversation so that your friends know to bail you out.
guy 1: heyyyy, you know that sweater looks very nice on you can i get your phone number?
girl: ummmm... ya know, i really could use some PEANUT BUTTER over here!
guy 2: hey, um, she's my girl friend, back off.
by random chick got bored March 08, 2006

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A person who is payed mass amounts of money to listen to people talk about their feelings, but didn't go to school long enough to be allowed to prescribe the drugs they usually give out as a bribe for going to the shrink (go to a psychiatrist for that). Office characterized by overstuffer/ understuffed chairs and boogers under the waiting room tables. Usually has no life whatsoever and solves other people's lifes for a living because they cannot solve thir own problems, but will feel as if they have no control over the world unless they can control someone's life, ie, yours if you are unlucky enough to be dragged into a shrink's office.
Psychologists cause people mass amounts of phobia and are therefor completely useless and daft, seeing as they existr solely to solve others' phobias.
by random chick got bored March 06, 2006

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When people realized that music can only be good if drugs are involved, and the government suppresses drug use, they rebelled against the goverment by creating the genre political punk. Sometimes overlaps with oi oi oi (Oi!). Usually British bands or American bands that wish they were British.
"oh crap." said Jimmy. "I only like music when I'm high but drugs are illegal. That's the goverment's fault. Damn American goverment. Hey, I know, I'll make a song about how much the goverment sucks and pretend like I'm British. I'll call it political punk."
by random chick got bored March 05, 2006

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