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The second most common substance found on the earth's crust, making up 25% of the earths crust by mass*,

Silicon is the best semiconductor/dielectric, this has resulted in it being used primarily in computing: motherboards, graphics cards, smart-phones, t.v's, microwaves, blenders, cars...etc. Silicon is simply a common metalloids/rock extracted from the earths crust, and sold to you by a company.

it was first discovered in 1787, however christians were too busy killing everyone, for anyone to figure out how useful this rock really was.

In the future (when privacy becomes illegal) silicon chips will be implanted into the back of everyones hands, this chip is called the rfid. But until another catastrophe is upon us(orchestrated?) and people are convinced to sell their very last bit of freedom for safety, silicon will only make the headlines when its embedded into the tits, lips and arses of the overblown self-satisfying unnecessary celebrities.

*the first most common substance in the earths crust is oxygen

Silicon powers the two most powerful agents known to man: computers and tits.

by radical3 September 05, 2008

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