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An electronic music duo that, if you believe them, weren't meant to be a band. Supposedly, their song Alice Practice (which happens to have an amazingly beautiful and totally unexpected melody with soul-wrenching indiscernible vocals), is really just Alice practicing. I think they said once that they used a keyboard with a nintendo soundcard. The two members are Claudio and Alice, and although they aren't signed yet, they should be. They're named after She-ra's home, NOT crystal meth (which is what I thought at first.) You can find all their music on myspace or limewire.
I just listened to Crystal Castles for about an hour and I think my life is complete.
by rachaelwithana September 16, 2007

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The most overrated band in history.
40+ years of people obsessing over them, when they're really not that good. All of their songs follow the same formula and are overplayed. Plus kids think they're so special and unique if they say they like The Beatles.

Please! Get over it!
by rachaelwithana September 05, 2007

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