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(n.)- a Shanoogie is a person from Mexico who seems to get a kick out of coming to Calexico or San Diego or any other border town and make it impossible for us to run our normal lives by taking up all the parking, causing traffic, and causing long lines at stores and malls.
Fuck Man! All the Shanoogies are taking the fun out of Black Friday. They're getting on my fucking nerves, Im about to stab a ho.
by r2d2 Bur 2 the gos January 05, 2012
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Taking a dehydrated dump in the palm of your hand and waiting till someone yawns and opens up wide (like a mufasa roar) and you smash it in their face with full force, with the goal of getting most of feces inside the mouth.
Damn man... everytime I go to that guys house I end up getting a Mufasa Smash for no reason.
by r2d2 Bur 2 the gos December 13, 2011
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