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A person who's mellow, relaxed, laid back. Most probably due to a lack of sleep and long term addiction to black V and Moccona. Most likely a management student who walks around in an ethereal daze.
A: "WOW! Look at that management student!! He doesn't look like he knows what's going on around him..."

B: "Yea...he's Jeremellow..."
by qwertyuiop12345789 May 01, 2009
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The objectification of a female by a partner into performing "doggy style" or reversal sexual intercourse.

In the process, the male will either request of forcefully require the female to tilt her head back so that she can be viewed whilst they are intimate.

Use two mirrors and you get mirror sex infinity.

"Little mama keep your chin up, please watch me do the...nasty
I like it when you make it move fast
Mami if I pull your head back
Cause I want you to see that we look so good together"
Ne-Yo - Mirror lyrics
Neyo: "Girl i love making love in front of the mirror, girl i love watching the faces you male, so might i suggest a change?"
*pulls her head up*
"This is MIRROR SEX"

Lacquita: "Damn! Don't fuck my perm up!"
by qwertyuiop12345789 June 23, 2009
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