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Refrigerator rights in the relationship comes about three steps before Thermostat rights. Once you get thermostat rights, you might as well pick out a drawer to put your jammies in!
Brad finally said that I don't need to ask, just help myself whenever I get hungry. It's nice to have Refrigerator rights. His house gets so cold at night, I can't wait until I am allowed to bump up the heat without asking or shivering at him until he gets the hint.
by qqtpie February 15, 2006
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I am gonna do that right now.
Translation = yeah, I'll be doing that just as soon as you drop 40 pounds!
by qqtpie August 2, 2003
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Hokay is short for O.K. or okay. means a'ight, but less sarcastic. Sometimes it is is expressed with a defeated sigh.
She says:"I need you to wear your nice shirt tonight"
He says: "Hokay" sigh.....
by qqtpie August 2, 2003
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I understand what you are communicating. You can't fool me.
The wording may be slightly off because alta vista was having some translation problems the day I tried.
Also see hip and jive
I am reeeeeeal old and I still want you too think I am cool. So when I hear you using slang terms, that I have no idea whatsoever the meaning of, I will say, "I'm hip to the jive baby".
by qqtpie September 8, 2005
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