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One of those precious moments in life that can only be fully enjoyed with a bag of popcorn. Most of the times these occur when two people are arguing RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.
1. Guy #1: Fuck you man, I broke up with her just last week and you're already in love with her?!
Guy #2: Hell yeah, if its love, its love. You and your fuckin chode need to man up and get over it!
Guy #1: SHIT! She told you I've got a chode?!?!
Guy #2: Nope, your mom did!
Guy #1's mom: Sorry hun..
Guy #1: SHIT!
Bystander: (thinking to self) Damn, what a popcorn moment...

2. On facebook, someone's relationship status changes to single. If the separated lovers start arguing on that status, whatever the fuck they say = a popcorn moment.

"Random Hot Girl is now single."
Random Hot Girl's ex: What the fuck is this shittttt?
Random Hot Girl: I'm done with you, fuck off of my wall!
Random Hot Girl's ex: Whoa babeee, I <3 you!
Random Hot Girl: Sucks ass, cuz I don't love you back bitch!
Random Hot Girl's ex: I knew this was gonna happen, thats why I got alllll of our sexy times on tape! Suck it!!!
by qillaaa December 06, 2010

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