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the most beautiful, gorgouse, stunning, girl. she has the sweetest heart, shes shy at first but once you get to know her you wouldnt regret meeting her. ANY GUY would be the luckiest guy in the universe to have her. shes funny, sweet, nice, kind, and drop dead gorgouse, she has everything anyone would want in a girl. she is great with friends, and popular. her bestfriends are the most impoartant thing to her. she seems shy, innocent, and quiet at first, but become friends with her and see that theres more to than how she "looks." she is orginal and unique, you cant find someone like her.
guy1: oh man, did you see natalie today?
guy2: yes, shes gorgouse.
guy1: man i wish i could be with her.
by puppylove123 October 24, 2011

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