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Apple is a company that some consider to be superior to Microsoft when it comes to computers. Macs are for the Rich bastards out there who are to busy buying Disney stock to want to deal with the crazy shenanigans that a PC will throw at you. (especially if that PC is using Vista, which tends to get paranoid about running programs). Macs are also better for porn, because they just dont get virus's. Seeing a Trojan virus on a mac is the computerized equivalent to seeing flying pigs playing croquet on pluto. PC's however, are good for playing world of warcraft...wait...mac can do that........um...ok...Pc's are good for shooting zombies, playing RTS genere games, and basicly losing I.Q points by the second.

The virdict

Mac's good for everything except games
PC's are good for the adventurous people willing to deal with the demon that is windows. And for gaming of course
Mac- "Hi, im a mac"
PC- "And im a PC"
......it is forcing me to put the word "Apple Computers" in this example...but i cant do that without being more biased than i previously was
by pseudonymsoundslikeadrug June 22, 2009
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