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A great southern state with wonderful moral and ethical values. Just because you live in TN does not mean that you are hick that can't speak proper English. Yes, some of us do have an accent... but so do people from all around the north, midwest, east coast, west coast, and what have you. Some of the previous entries that talk about the school system being horrible and we talk lik dis... and we from tenner see and we eeet whiskey an' good ol' possum pie. NO ONE EATS OPOSSUM PIE. We are not hicks, and we are not stupid. We don't go walking around barefoot with hay hanging out of our mouths. I am proud to call myself a Tennessean. And if you have a problem with Tennessee, keep it to yourself, don't go nagging and talking about it being a worthless state and hell on earth. If you live here, and you hate it.. THEN LEAVE!! Stop complaining and whining and do something about getting out of our state, that we call home, and go back to wherever you came from.
Tennessee, a civilized moral and ethical state.
by proud to be from TN July 12, 2006
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