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an enemy made through hostile online interaction. Internet users typically make e-nemies in a flame war on a discussion forum and more recently in the blogging world.
John started a blog to attack people with ultra conservative leanings and in the process ended up making a new e-nemy every second.
by profnachos September 14, 2006

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the custom or condition of having a marital relationship strictly confined to the blogosphere. People in a blogamous relationship may or may not be married to others in real life.
Sharon, a single woman in her 20's, fell in love with David after reading his blog and soon they began corresponding through email and also commenting on each others' blogs. What started off as online mutual admiration society became increasingly flirtateous and later serious.

In the end, they decided not to meet in person after all for fear of ruining the ideal images of each other which they had cultivated through blogging. Instead, David posted an e-proposal, and Sharon enthusiastically accepted. Three months later, they held a blogamous (adjective of blogamy) wedding, and continued to live physically apart from each other, but yet happily together in the blogosphere ever after.
by profnachos September 14, 2006

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To treat guests with disrespect and inhospitality.

According to popular belief, rampant homosexuality in the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah incurred God's wrath and the subsequent destruction of the cities. However, according to some liberal scholars, whether homosexuality was the primary reason remains debatable. Arguing from Ezekiel 16:49-50 and Matthew 10:14-15, they assert that inhospitality played a significant role.

Since only Sodom has played a prominent etymological role for words depicting homosexuality, and Gomorrah has always played second fiddle despite the fact that its citizens are just as dead as the Sodomites, I would like to propose using Gomorrah to describe inhospitality. This will hopefully address the concerns raised by liberal theologians

Dude, are you trying to gomorrah me? Only one 6 pack in your fridge? That is so messed up, dude.
by profnachos March 18, 2007

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