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Usually observed in any soccer match where no offside rule is in force, goal hanging is the act of standing as close to the goal line as possible in order to bash in any cheap rebounds.

Players who spend their time goal hanging can be referred to as cheesy dompers
Player A: "Aww fucking hell, Nigel's scored another one"

Player B: "He's fucking goal hanging, that's why"
by professorrev July 30, 2009

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A player, usually in Primary School soccer, where the offside rule doesn't apply, who stands as close to the goalline as possible and does either of two things :-

1. Get his foot onto a shot from a fellow teammate in order to claim the goal


2. Hangs around waiting for the ball to rebound off the post or be saved by the 'keeper in order to knock it in from 2 yards.

The most Cheesy of all Dompers is adept at doing both.

See also goal hanging
I wouldn't play with Nigel. He's a bit of a cheesy domper.
by professorrev July 30, 2009

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