3 definitions by professor stinky bottom

Mackinley is a cowboy. But, not just any cowboy he is a gunslinger who doesn't take shit from anyone🤠. If you see this man don't be afraid just to watch and enjoy the show he always talks to himself and tells you to fuck off. never try to reason with him because he is always right. If you see him he will probably be listening to cruise by Florida Georgia Line or any hippy sabotage song like a true pimp. most people have sex fantasies about this man and don't blame them🤤 😰
Mackinley: Hey buckaroo if you keep saying that chevy is the most shit compony I will have to use my nine on my hip.😈
by professor stinky bottom December 04, 2020
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a gay looking mother fucker you cant trust a Tyson they are small like a garden Nome. but at least his mom is sexy as fuck
Tyson is ugly as fuck
by professor stinky bottom November 13, 2019
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Found most commonly in in in children who’s parents just don’t understand them. They also only where black like there souls 😈. In 2018 there was study from Harvard university found that showed people with the initials of TP and have a height of 5 foot 5 or less are most commonly an Angsty Teen
Tyson is a single child who got everything but now his car is broken and he blames everyone but him self to rebel he only where black now. Now he is a Angsty Teen
by professor stinky bottom December 03, 2020
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