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1 definition by procrastinatingpersonalstmnt

A god tier sexual maneuver condition where intercourse is achieved over a body of water large enough to define a hypothetical state existing at each partner's terrestrial interface as a thalassocracy, which is itself defined as state whose territories are connected primarily by sea. Examples of thalassocracys include the Delian League, the Venetian Republic, and the British Empire.
Male 1: So did the twelfth annual nautically themed sex move contest go?

Male 2: Fuck bro, I would have won with the double magellan I had prepared, but the asshole before me nailed the same thing perfectly!

Male 1: Sucks man!

Male 2: I know right! Instead I tried the thalassocratic magellan, but my whore-cunt partner was to far away to get in!

Male 1: Well...I mean...even Mandingo would have a tough time getting across the fucking stream in my backyard...never mind the straights of gibraltar, which were like...portugals baby step before actually become a maritime power.

Male 2: Well thats why I stuck to the magellan...if all I had to do was circumnavigate 2/3 of her body in cum then die I thought I could pull it off by targeting her like ankle or something

Male 1: Wait so if a Magellan involves seems that your opponents double Magellan wasn't so 'perfect' lol

Male 2: theres always next year
by procrastinatingpersonalstmnt November 23, 2013
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