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The barrier that the students of all-male school, Fork Union Military Academy, face when returning for leave. This unfortunate condition makes the obviously unattractive women look like supermodels.
Rob: OMFG! Look at that hottie!
Cynthia: Ew, she's like 90 years old!
Jeff: Dude, take off your FUMA goggles.
by prittyxschmidty April 28, 2008

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A compliment. Similar to "the shit"
"Dude! You're da shvanz!"
by prittyxschmidty May 13, 2008

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Very attractive or attention grabbing. Some may use it in the place of hot, sexy, etc.
"DUDE! Look at that girl! She is shmokin'!"
by prittyxschmidty May 19, 2008

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A local band in Northern Virginia. Their electropop beats bring life to any party or festivity. Members include Will and Drew Hyde and Andy Utterback.
Kenny: "Dude, Battle of the Bands was AWESOME."
Kelsey: "I know right! In Living Color PWND!"
by prittyxschmidty May 13, 2008

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