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ADJ: A person who is kind and loving to those that he cares about but is an asshole to anyone else. He is a protective and jealous boyfriend but is quiet about his true feelings. He has a sadistic and masochistic streak in him and enjoys thinking of ways to harm those that he does not like. He is a carefree and fun loving person, preferring to joke more than he takes things seriously. He is smart, funny, charming, loyal, charismatic, honest, and considerate. Though at times he does tend to say things that hurt other people when he's upset often times regretting it later. He is an all around wonderful person and anyone who is lucky enough to have a Tyrell is a lucky person indeed. :)
Josie: My boyfriend is such a great guy, he treats me unlike anyone ever has before.
Jennifer: I know. He must be a Tyrell.
by princessofdarkness1813 February 24, 2013

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