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not fallout boy or falloutboy, Fall_Out_Boy. One of the greatest bads ever. Becoming popular in 2005, Fall Out Boy was once a small garage band that was playing small shows in Chicago. They're first cd was Evining Out With You Girlfriend which consists of strong lyrics and catch melodies. Then they were signed by Fueled By Ramen a recording lable. That is then when they came out with Take This To Your Grave. After staying in the shadows, Fal Out Boy got signed by Island Def Jam when they released their best album yet: From Under The Cork Tree. The cd makes you want to get up and dance which is just what Fall Out Boy was aiming for.
The band is made up of Lead Singer-Patrick Stumph, Lead guitarist- Joe Trohman, Drummer- Andy Hurley, and bassist; Pete Wentz
Patrick may not be reffered to as:Pat, the guy with the bad voice,the guy who always wears hats.
Pete may not be refered to as: the cute guy, the lead singer, the p33n guy,the dude whos always in the teenie magazines.
A:LyKe oMgZZ fAllOuTbOy iZZ LyKE thA besT BaND EvAaaa!!
B:shut the fuck up you teenie who only likes Fall Out Boy becasue of Sugar we're going down
A:I'm telling my mommy
by prettyspiffy3 December 07, 2006
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