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Comprising the Upper and Lower North Shore, The North Shore is the prestigious part of Sydney, where rich people live and drive expensive cars (such as BMWs, Jaguars and Mercedes).

The Upper North Shore are suburbs between Roseville and Hornsby (excluding Berowra, obviously), and the Lower North Shore includes suburbs on the north side of the Harbour Bridge.

Private schools on the North Shore include Abbotsleigh, Barker, Joey's, Knox Grammar, Loreto Kirribilli, Loreto Normanhurst, Pius Pymble Ladies College, Ravenswood, Riverview, Roseville College, Shore School, Sydney Grammar (no public schools)
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Example 1:
North Shore girl 1: oh my god there's trackwork on the North Shore line AGAIN!
North Shore girl 2: oh don't worry, we can just Uber it

Example 2:
Non-North Shore guy: oi mate, this shit is so hard, how'dya do it?
North Shore guy: i went to barker/joey's/knox/pius/riverview/shore/grammar, it's pretty easy
Non-North Shore guy: *fuckin north shore private school kids*

Example 3:
Non-North Shore girl 1: oh my god i wish i lived on the north shore
Non-North Shore girl 2: same! i want to be one of those north shore private school kids BADLY!
by pretty committee May 22, 2018

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