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Roseville College is a school on Sydney’s north shore surrounded by other private girl schools like PLC, Abbotsleigh and Ravenswood. The girls are very well mannered and nice, however once you go to Roseville, you can never escape their values.

The school likes to restrict their girls from interacting with any other schools, especially boys schools. Boyfriends are a very rare occurrence. The girls also aren’t that popular compared to the other private schools.
Most of the girls who wear designer clothes and drive fancy cars are actually nice people. The school loves their rule on strict earrings, however the girls don’t let that get in their way.

Year 8’s think their top but the older years put them in place.
Person 1: That’s a Roseville College girl
Person : Ohhh, no wonder I don’t know her, she seems nice though.
by User192726166171 June 20, 2020
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A school on Sydney's north shore, surrounded by other elite schools such as PLC, Abbotsleigh and Ravenswood. Most girls are extremely nice and well mannered, however they remain in a hole that very few can escape. With the exception of this years year 9's of course. The girls have fun together but other schools don't give them enough of a chance. Boyfriends are a rare occurence. Roseville girls are far more successful out of school when they glow up!!
Person 1: That's a roseville college girl!
Person 2: Oh, hmmm i don't know about her then...
by faketandogs October 22, 2019
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