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Entry Point is a game on ROBLOX that can include heist missions. We will be focusing on stealth.
Here is how you do it:
-Have a suppressed gun, so you dont get detected by shooting.
-Conceal your weapons.
-Do not wear armor. This increases your detection rate.
-Get the required equipment, or/and get someone to help you.
-Disable sensor doors. Sensors will send a signal wherever it's connected. (ENGINEER CLASS REQUIRED)
-Get a disguise. A disguise can unlock few places. You can switch disguises.
-Knock out people for more experience points.
-Steal anything you can (including what is needed)
-Follow your objectives.
-Do not use weapons that dont have suppressor equipment available. They are meant for loud.
-Get good perks before the mission.
I/We are doing an Entry Point Stealth Mission.
by preda046 October 03, 2019
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