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Bloomington is a college town located in southern Indiana about an hour or so away from Indy. Aside from the infestation of dumb, drunk and mostly spoiled college students, the water is moldy everywhere you go due to the everything being made out of Lime stone. I will give the town points for being the one beacon of liberal hope in most of the state but even then. The town has non of the perks of Indiana like a Martins or woods that are close by enough to hike. its a shithole town like many others in Indiana but just on a little but larger scale. Lastly, this town has a disturbing amount of sushi places for being located so far in the heart of the Midwest.
"you went to college where? Bloomington, Indiana? wft is that?
Defined: "oh, its a shithole town in southern Indiana, where you don't want to visit, let alone live"
by practicalmagic September 28, 2021
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