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this is when a person studders while typing text
i ddd dont have a sss stypering ppp problem
by pourdawg February 07, 2010

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this is when you have to resort to underhanded manuvers to get you crops outta farmville

or when people mix mafia wars with farmville and get the two confused
i got mugged by a farmvillan and he took my carrots

those farmvillans are taking over
by pourdawg February 02, 2010

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bluelightspectric, term used to define the blue haze given from a power surge of electricity wich is natural ex. lightning, in its many forms, and man made electricity.

when the two are combined into one surge the glow from this is, Bluelightspectric
ball lightning,electric overload,power surges,downed power poles,spontaneous combustion, weather internal or external, all these are forms of energy overload,bluelightspectric.
by pourdawg June 18, 2009

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a yankee that moves to the south, buys a truck, puts a gun and a rack in the back window

then complains about all the dammed yankees
many of my neighbors have been dixiefied


" i before e except after c" does not apply


another example would be the local city administration in almost any small southern community
by pourdawg December 28, 2009

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