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In Cape Verde, urophiliacs from all around the country gather on the 5th of September to fill up a medium-size swimming pool with their urine. The next day, on the 6th, they all jump into the pool and have seggs
I heard my girlfriend took part in Capeverdean Watersport during her holiday
by popedick420 April 26, 2023
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small shit stains on the toilet bowl that are hard to clean
can you help me clean those comoros?
by popedick420 April 26, 2023
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The act of horizontally splitting the penis in half and cutting off the top piece, making the bloodied bottom piece look like a poptart when viewed from above. Used as a torture method in Burkina Faso
Thomas Sankara's assassins initially wanted to give him a Burkina Faso Poptart but the plan was dropped due to logistical issues.
by popedick420 April 25, 2023
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