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1. a lovely, friendly being who has little/no downfalls. this term is only seen negatively by those interlectually challanged people who believe that being nice is a bad quality or a weakness. aspects of this person's character may include a calm or passive nature, a general exceptance for most people, a deep and understanding mind, the ability to forgive and to be very very nice to most people. if you befriend such a person you should feel very grateful, and should also learn not to use such a name regularly for said person as some find it distressing. you may remain eternally guilty if you use such a label excessively and it results in upsetting a fairy boy.
2. A male who genuinely has the ability to fly/ join into fairy rituals/lifestyle.
"oh, you're such a fairy boy"

"oh hai lookz, he's so femimine, wot a fairy boi!"
"actually, the term fairy boy is very much a compliment about a lovely personality. you are wrong like a bumble bee in a lasange."
"ahhhh MUMMMYYYYY" *cries*

"oh you are a fairy boy!"
"ohhhhhh :("
"NO IT'S A GOOD THING I'M SORRY SORRY SORRY" *dies of sorryness*
by poo brain hehehhe July 27, 2010
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