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Qell/qell - Adjective
Pronounced- (kw-ell)

Rather like 'fantastic'
To say something is qell, is to say something is amazing or fantastic.
A very short but meaningful word it saves you time while describing something.

Times to use it:
I just got a new shirt, it's so qell.
This cake is so qell.
Please can you pass the pasta , it's pretty qell.
by ponceman125 January 6, 2014
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To slay, slayin(g).
Slaying a dragon perhaps, or a horde of enemies.
An outfit, cannot be slaying so don't be a dumb fuck. A person cannot just be slaying, that isn't even correct in grammatical terms. Your outfit cannot be slaying either, what is your outfit slaying? Nothing, it's some fucking clothes you dicknoses.
George: I went off to SLAY a dragon last week.
George's wife: My outfit doesn't SLAY today because that makes no sense and I am not an arsehat
by ponceman125 August 31, 2015
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