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Once used as a derogatory term the word gypsy is used today to describe persons of nomadic lifestyles, whatever their race or origin. It also describes a counter culture movement that idealizes exploration and art.

Modern gypsies, not to be confused with hippies often play the tambourine and perform some form of belly dance fusion/burlesque or fire dance. Many practice an earth based spirituality. They make their own clothes and wear corsets, dreadlocks and/or adorn their hair with colorful braided yarn extensions.

Gothic/Dark Gypsies may do all of the above but wear mostly black and have many tattoos.
a modern gypsy motto: "Life is the journey not the destination"
by poetic.terrorist July 02, 2009
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A modern day gypsy.

Persons who can't resist the open road and often take off on random unplanned road trips, looting and pillaging.

Persons who travel around the country in a van and practice freeganism and perhaps some shoplifting in order to stick it to "the man"
"Those girls are land pirates. They travel around in that van selling handmade art and performing at music festivals. "

"Check out the skull and cross bones those land pirates painted on their van."

"I just saw a land pirate stick a bottle of Jack Daniels down her pants,walk out of the store and jump in the back of that van."
by poetic.terrorist July 02, 2009
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