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a guy from poco, british colombia named corey who sells dime bags of illegal drugs for $10 to little kids around all the elementary schools.
Kid: hey clers! can i get a dime bag from you?
Dime Bag Clers: ok, that'll be $10, son.
Kid: ok, clers, but don't rip me off like last time...i want the full $10 worth. you still owe me the change.
Dime Bag Clers: come suck the change out of my ass little man.
by pocowhitepower June 17, 2012
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A guy from Port Coquitlam who enjoys the site of pre-pubescent girls a little too much. Known to stroke himself outside of elementary schools in the greater Vancouver area. Children in the area have given him the nickname "Merv the Perv" since he looks much more like a Merv than his real name of Corey ("the Perv" part of the nickname is self-explanatory).
Little girl 1: Isn't that Merv the Perv over there sitting in his car with his hand in his pants staring at us?

Little girl 2: Oh no! Tell Mr. Johnson to call the police. I think Corey is up to his old tricks again!

Little girl 1: This is PoCo...the police don't care.
by pocowhitepower February 04, 2013
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