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A person who sucks at life. They are incapable of performing basic and simple daily tasks (with the exception of masturbation).
You have your left turn signal on and are clearly trying to merge into the left lane; instead of slowing down to allow you to change lanes, the Jackwacker behind you speeds up to block your access. This guy is a complete Jackwacker; he sucks at life.
by plokmijnuhbygv July 18, 2011

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When two people converse in conversation while they are taking a dump in neighboring stalls.
Joey and Bob had the best conversation through a Texas Telephone.
by plokmijnuhbygv July 19, 2011

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An exceptionally good looking, kind, funny, smart, athletic, and considerate young man. Unfortunately, due to his comfidemce and ability to work a room, too often people feel intimidated, jealous, and envious, resulting in disparaging commentary. The reality is, Chad is an awesome son, brother, cousin and God-father. GO CHADSTER!!!
That dude is so CHADSTER!
by plokmijnuhbygv December 14, 2016

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