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n. Any mass transit vehicle with an atheist ad or slogan on it, stemming from the original London bus ad with the words: “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life.” proposed by comedy writer Ariane Sherine and launched on Tuesday October 21 2008.

also n. An ad campaign to put atheist slogans on mass transit vehicles.

sometimes, n. A metaphorical construct suggesting that being a passenger implies atheism.
I got a picture of everyone on an atheist bus flipping off a Hummer! FUH2 fame, here I come!

Did you hear that New York is going atheist bus?

Since Friedrich married a Christian a few years ago he has really fallen off the atheist bus.
by plausitron March 29, 2010
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n. When someone inadvertently reveals through a conversational error drug habits or connections that were meant to be suppressed, often by substitution of a drug reference for a different word or phrase.

also: Pink Floydian slip

derived from: Freudian slip + Pink Floyd
A: Want to go smoke a bowl?

B: Wait, what? I didn't know that you got high.

A: Oh, shit! I meant to say, "Want to go to Taco Bell?" Total Floydian slip on my part; I didn't want you to find out because I knew you would tell C and then she would never leave me alone about it. Don't tell C.
by plausitron April 24, 2010
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n. a tasty atheist, i.e. an attractive person who disaffirms belief in a god or gods. A hottie with no divine strings attached.

also, adj. having the quality or manner of views held by an attractive atheist.
Did you see Richard Dawkins with that tatsyist promoting the atheist bus? Talk about arm candy!

Her tastyist rhetoric was too sexy and smart for the Bible Camp counselor to handle.
by plausitron March 29, 2010
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