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A fatass wannabe rapper, that writes songs about past experiences that have no to relevance to life, describing his life as a creepy fat stalker.
Me " yoh , theres Sean Kingston "
You " at chucky cheese "
Me " yeah staring at some girl at a arcade machine "
You " thats totally going to be his next song, but he'll say he talked to her and gave him a "chance" even though he just stared at her like a creep "

*an hour later*
*turns on radio*
" Last week I was at chucky cheese and I saw you at my favourite arcade gameeeeeee, I approached you and beat you at the game because no one beats me at my favourite game because im fat, oh and you gave me a chance because I talk about that in every song I write even though the only chance I got was after I beat her at the game I went to the bathroom because I had to shit because I ate so much, and my mom gave me a blumpkin, as always " :)
by piemash March 04, 2010
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