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There's been a lot of nonsense written on this page.
Swansea is a one very cool place with one of the finest international award winning maritime/waterfront developments in Europe, stunning unrivalled parklands and a breathtaking golden coastline that became Britain's first designated "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty". The city has had over £100m invested in it in the last few years and includes the National Waterfront Museum and national (Olympic) pool of Wales. It's got an exceptionally good nightlife, cuisine and culture. As for the 'rough' bits, and 'run down' bits that's referred to by other people on this site, name any other city in Britain that doesn't have any of that? On the whole the quality of life in Swansea is excellent. The quote that "Swansea is the graveyard of ambition" refers to the fact that when strangers visit Swansea they never want to leave. I left (for work purposes) a few years ago for the south east of England. Give me Swansea any day - which is why I travel 200 miles every weekend to come home to Swansea.
by pick a part June 09, 2010
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