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no reason boner. when you get an erection for no logical reason.
a: why do you have your hands in your pockets when you could be playing catch with us?
b: nrb, man...nrb.
by phlipnrip November 29, 2009

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the term used for describing the event of using acute bronchitis or really any other temporary illness as the excuse to stay home or with a lover to have sex for the majority of the remainder of the day.
Brandon had broncoitus the other day so we missed him at work. We only know because he charged the company for his "medical" expenses which included a box of a dozen condoms and handcuffs.
by phlipnrip September 23, 2009

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any word or words used with great passion and fury when failing at a drinking game
Chaz: "Todd, bro...you gotta make this cup. If we don't we'll get skunked. I can't live with that embarrassment of being bad at beirut."

Todd: "Dude, no probs bro. I got this like like my 3 popped collar shirts {that I am wearing all right now}."

(the shot is taken...and missed)


Professor Buzzkill: "Todd, are the drunxpletives really necessary? I am very disappointed in you."
by phlipnrip September 26, 2009

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