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So, for all you non Philadelphian fuckers out there: NO. PHILLY IS NOT JUST A RUN DOWN CITY WITH GANG WARS EVERY NIGHT AND PEOPLE RUNNING AROUND FEASTING ON CHEESESTEAKS 24/7. I live in Philly, and i have never been in a gang war in my life. Have you seen New York? It looks and smells like pure shit. I live in Northeastern Philly, and it happens to be very nice. Cut grass, single houses, clean. Old city is pretty nice, too. Historic houses and friendly people. I DO NOT HAVE AN ACCENT. PLEASE STOP SAYING WE CAN NOT PRONOUNCE OUR WORDS. Yes, I say "wooder" instead of water. But just listen to some of the country hicks in the south who can't speak for shit. And I am not ghetto, nor do I have a name like Tamaqua or Bon Qui Qui or some shit like that. I am not, have never been, and will never be on welfare. And for the record, EVERY FUCKIN CITY IN AMERICA HAS BLACK PEOPLE! WTF DO YOU THINK THIS IS THE FUCKIN 1700'S?! We are not a wannabe New York City. We are ourselves. We rock. So bend over and kiss my ass. And if any of you stupid fucks on Urban Dictionary really knew anything, you would know Geno's and Pat's are really the WORST places to get cheesesteaks. Stop being jealous that your not from Philly. What's a WaWa? Look it the fuck up. How are the Eagles doing? I don't watch sports. Want to go see the Liberty Bell? Never been there. SUCK ON THAT BITCHES.
Philadelphia rocks! Stop being jealous you New Yorkers. And my peeps from South Jersey? We love you!
by phillyprincess May 05, 2010

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