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A small university located in the ghetto NE section of Washington, DC called Brookland. The only university in the U.S. chartered, owned, and run by the Vatican in Rome. The population consists largely of people from "near-Philly," but New York, Massachusetts, and the Washington/Baltimore metro areas are also common. The population has a good percentage of "God-squad," from Campus Ministry, but everyone at Catholic knows how to party. Yes, even those in the God-Squad. In a recent Playboy list of top party schools, Miami was number one, but Catholic was asterisked underneath with detail: "We don't rate professionals." Catholic students are often the main (illegal) customers of bars, Johnny K's and Brothers, and on Saint Patrick's Day, you won't find better campus spirit (or more openly drunk people and skipped classes) then at Catholic. Often seen running around campus are random artsy music/theater people and a 30% gay population, despite the Catholic name. One can expect to find lots of conservatives, pro-lifers, popped collars, flip-flops all year round, and mass homogeneousness. A school for smart kids who slacked off in high school, always full of controversy over the speaker-policy, and always in the Washington Post due to its dramas.
Guy 1: "Hey! In exactly 4 months it'll be St. Patty's Day, we need to get movin with plans!"
Guy 2: "Omgosh you're right, put on your flip flops, pop your collar, we have to make an itinerary for the day."
Guy 3: "Yea, we'll need 10 cases of beer for the four of us, green die, and stops at Brother's and K's.."
Guy 4: "Don't forget, we gotta get up at 8am to start drinking."
by phillylove May 30, 2005
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