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First popularized by Bill Simmons, a liveblog is a running diary of a sporting event. A sportswriter sits at his computer and updates the liveblog whenever he wants to. The best part of this is that instead of writing a recap the next day and saying, "Kenny Smith said a lot of stupid things," the writer can instead say "Kenny Smith just said 'Lebron James is like Ghandi' and then insert a very witty joke."
I hope someone liveblogs the Super Bowl!

Have you read the newest liveblog from the Sports Guy?
by phillibuster May 07, 2006

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a delicious restaurant specializing in japanese and korean food. currently located near uga and auburn campus. is very popular because it is open until 4 a.m. also popular because it is absolutely fabulous and cheap.
"the dining hall is closed, good thing choo choo is still open"
by phillibuster September 19, 2006

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